You may have played it before – the classic board game Fox & Geese, which requires players to move strategically in order to trap the Fox or eat the Geese. In some ways it’s like chess – challenging players to carefully think about each move on the board. Fox & Flock game developed by Smarter Games is also similar in nature.

At first glance Fox & Flock may look like a vanilla game with no depth, but after playing it for a while you realize that it’s actually quite entertaining. While the gameplay itself is short, – an hour or two tops, it still provides an excellent entertainment value that aligns with its low cost $2.

When playing there are a few times when you may find yourself having a hard time viewing the game board because of the positioning of the pieces and board view perspective. A proposed feature request would definitely be having the ability to view the “game board” from multiple angles. Movement within the game is simple once you view the tutorial – which I strongly recommend doing before you play.

The short and sweet of this game is that it’s just that – short and sweet I would have loved to play more – I enjoyed the dark satire sprinkled throughout the cut scenes as well. Overall it is a fun game. You can find Fox and Flock over on Steam. It is available for PC, Mac and Linux.

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