DJ Triune Talks Music, Producing, And New Project


Southern California-based DJ Triune has been busy working on his latest project For Reign. The seasoned DJ isn’t a stranger when it comes to EDM (Electronic Dance Music), he has already launched the Drop FM LA, an EDM show on KKLA, a radio station out of Los Angeles. In addition, he has also helped launched Power Radio Houston a pop radio show out of Houston Texas, and has been a part of numerous festivals and parties.

We had the chance to catch up with DJ Triune and talk about his music, and his latest project:

You have been working the DJ scene for a while now as DJ Triune, what do you love about it? What type of music did you start off spinning? 

I started off spinning hip-hop, but what I love about the DJ scene is that it has evolved. DJs have now become the superstars of today’s music scene. They pack out stadiums, they’re as known as any music artist at this point, which is why I enjoy spinning EDM (electronic dance music) now. It allows me to express myself as an artist, where as with hip hop music, as a DJ, you’re stuck spinning for artists.

It does seem as though artists have a little more freedom when producing EDM music. Music seems to evolve every year. With the wide variety of genres in the EDM world do you find yourself focusing on just one particular genre or molding to the latest trends?

That is true there are a growing number of sub genres in EDM every year. I tend to stick to the genres I enjoy the most. I simply spin tracks that I enjoy, whether or not they happen to be popular.  When it comes to producing you won’t hear just one style from me but a mixture of the different genres.

You have a new project called For Reign. Could you tell us about it?

Yes, “For Reign” is a new EDM duo project that a co-producer of mine, BreeKay and I started.  The name For Reign has a dual meaning. If you were to look at it together it looks like “foreign” which is what we are as believers in Christ, the bible tells us that we are not of this world and so we took that concept and saw ourselves as foreigners to this world bringing, if you will, a foreign policy, the gospel of Jesus the Christ. Now the second meaning to the name is literal, For Reign, For the advancement of Christ’s Reign here on earth and in the hearts and lives of people. So that is what it means. We simply want to make good music for everyone. You will hear all sorts of styles from us and I will now be producing under this duo alias. You will still hear the same energy in our sets as you have heard with me before but our original tracks will have an infusion of both of our tastes from funk, R&B, salsa, hip-hop and much more to fit into an EDM format.

That’s deep man. I like your new single Spectacle, Seleena Danielle has excellent vocals. Whats next for you? and How can people find your music? 

Thanks bro! We are pretty happy with the track we were going for a poppy radio type sound and I think we captured the idea. Yes, we wanted to feature some awesome sounding vocals and I truly feel Seleena handled the track nicely, we get a lot of compliments on her voice. We are planning to drop a few more tracks back to back and then release our EP very soon. The next tracks we are releasing will be packed with energy. So stay connected because we promise we will not disappoint. People can connect with us at and all things social such as Facebook, Soundcloud at /ForReignWorld.

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