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I had the opportunity to go see Tremonti in concert, with openers Shamans Harvest and The Only Weapon. Both of which are very different bands from one another, but showcase the styles of music that Tremonti has successfully fused together, Alternative and Metal.

First Opener: The Only Weapon

When I bought the tickets for Tremonti I looked at who was opening, while I knew who Shaman’s Harvest was I didn’t know who The Only Weapon was. To know who I was going to see, I listened to a few of their songs and honestly wasn’t impressed – mainly because I am not a fan of screaming as a substitute for singing. However, live these guys put on quite the show and as a result the music became fun and enjoyable. They had good energy, as their set progressed the crowd got more into it. One thing that stood out to me was how good their mix was particularly in regards to the vocals which were loud and clear. Overall solid and enjoyable.

Second Opener: Shaman’s Harvest

These guys were solid with excellent set vocals. Like The Only Weapon, they were also loud and clear – they did a superb job of getting the crowd into it. They were very active on the stage and just had fun. As a band they were honestly better live than on the CD – which is rare. They provided a great lead up for the headliner.

Headliner: Tremonti

When Tremonti came out on stage the club erupted with shredding guitar riffs, powerful basslines and frantic drumming – the crowd which was already treated to two incredible opening acts boiled over going nuts. The mix here too was phenomenal. I really enjoyed the set list, which included several songs from the debut record All I Was, the single All I Got (technically B side) , a cover of Big Wreck’s Prayer, and three tracks from the upcoming album Cauterize – set to release on June 9th. One thing that really stood out was the intensity brought on by the band on every song – on the new songs there was an extra vigorous energy behind them, and for good reason. If the three songs they played at this concert are any indication of what to expect from their next record Cauterize we are in for a treat.

In the end, I thought the show was phenomenal. When you combine a great musician, an intimate venue, and a rock solid sound and stage crew you have the best concert I have been to.

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When you combine a great musician, an intimate venue, and a rock solid sound and stage crew you have the best concert I have been to.

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