Interview: Smells Like Grunge,The Nirvana Tribute


Smells Like Grunge, the Nirvana Tribute Band is all about staying true to the band they imitate so well.  “We are putting on a play of sorts, trying to let people experience a real Nirvana show experience.” said frontman Jay Scott. That experience is something that you can expect from one of their shows, even down to the looks. SLG is one of those tribute bands that gives respect to the original artists by preserving the music as it was meant to be played, as well as delivering an experience that Nirvana fans are sure to enjoy. Check out our interview below:

Hi Jay, thanks for taking the time to talk to me today. Many people when they think of Grunge music immediately think back to Pearl Jam or Nirvana. Do you think that’s a fair assessment?

Yeah those two bands are definitely the two most well-known. Nirvana really gets the most amount of credit because of being the original grunge band. They were the reason the movement started. They brought grunge (which is just really punk rock) to the masses.

Do you think the masses today have an idea of what grunge music really is?

I don’t think anyone below the age of 25 has a clue what Grunge is. Most young people I talk to these days barely know Nirvana’s most popular song, “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

You consider your band, Smells Like Grunge a Nirvana tribute band rather than a cover band. Could you elaborate on that?

A cover band usually plays songs from all different bands in a certain genre and has some freedoms with the music and the way it was written. A Tribute band like SLG, plays only one artists music and learns it exactly as it was written. We also try to look, move and play like the real band did. We are more than just a band playing songs. We are putting on a play of sorts, trying to let people experience a real Nirvana show experience.We try to look as close to the original members as possible. We go as far as wearing a wig if needed. Again, we want people to have as close to the real thing as possible. The one reason we decided to be a Nirvana Tribute is because we love their music but also happened to be a 3 piece band and all of us were fairly close to what we needed to be to emulate the members of Nirvana.

I agree. I think its important for tribute bands to give the band that they are representing a sense of respect even if that means emulating the culture. Have there been any challenges?

The biggest challenge was to prove to people, especially hardcore Nirvana fans, that we would do right by Nirvana. Nirvana is pretty sacred to a lot of people. They don’t want people fowling the memory of the band. The way we have done this Tribute band has pacified most of them and made them fans of what we are doing. That is very satisfying when a hardcore fan comes up to us and says “right on”!

SLG is one of Florida’s premier Nirvana tribute bands. What do you think separates you from some of these other tribute bands?

The one thing that separates us the most is our look. We look more like the band than any other Nirvana Tribute out there nationally.

Obviously knowing how to play the songs are important when emulating another band; you guys seem to mesh together really well musically. Were there any challenges getting in sync like that?

Yeah we had to practice endlessly to get the perfect sound. It also takes a lot of time to really gel with your bandmates. Nothing is better practice than performing live.

What’s next for SLG?

SLG is currently planning a possible Mid-West Tour for March. We would stop in St Louis, MO and Chicago, IL on that tour. We have aspirations to be a nationally touring Nirvana Tribute Band.

How can people connect with SLG?

You can connect with us on our Facebook page at: We also have a website at: You can join our mailing list at either of those sites.