Saved Games Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Heroes of Issachar


Yesterday, indie development studio Saved Games, Inc. launched their Kickstarter campaign for Heroes of Issachar. The action RPG, Castle building game is set to be released on several platforms to include the OUYA, PC, Mac and Linux. While the game may sound familiar, it is not without its own little twist. At its heart the game is a faith-based game.

According to the developers the backstory of the game “comes from the Bible and the gospel of Jesus.” While some may cringe at the thought of integrating religious views within a video game, the games makers what to create a game that didn’t “make the same mistakes that faith-based games keep making. The first would be making it too heavily educational, and the other was to do a layup and make it some kind of allegory to the gospel without actually coming right out and stating it.”

Whether you are into faith-based games or not, early gameplay shows great potential. The game promises a large open world, elegant graphics, along with castle economy and assaults. In addition, there will be weapon and armor customization. The game is set to be released during the holiday season of 2014.

Check our their Kickstarter page and Steam Greenlight.

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