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Kevin Parker is a man of many courage. I mean this in a context that strings farther than the melancholy soundtrack we call Innerspeaker and Lonerism. This courage spikes at his decisions to revamp his style with every new album. Currents along with motioning toward his development as a person after the breakup, is a track list of unbelievably fluid psych rock at its lowest, and I mean that as a compliment. Currents Slides under the par of catchy show tunes with Let it Happen and Disciples, and truly imitates the ‘tame’ in Tame Impala with the remainder of the songs.

Kevin Parker is a man of impressively catchy guitar riffs and his wide lens psychedelic vocal range . He does not hold back in his memoir to Lonerism. With songs such as Nangs, and Eventually, you feel the grasp of punctuation — each lyrics emotionally gaping and drawing our ears further into the meaning than what our original intent was. His transitions and notable mid-track tone changes set up in Past Life, and Let It Happen, is the momentum we need to get somewhere. He has us endure the avalanche of ups and downs from the swaying boulder, translated into each element of a song.

I’d consider Currents to be the transition from former reckless Tame Impala to a much more matured group. He has us remember that life will continue to keep reality in motion. That our mistakes may be hard to forget, and that we should not let paranoia grab the best of us. The urgency this album unintentionally vacillates in us between enjoying the album and enigmatic meanings creates the quality engagement most albums seem to lack now-a-days. Would I recommend this album to anyone? Certainly not, I almost would like to say you should earn your opportunity. Immerse yourself in the world of Tame Impala, watch his transition through his first two albums, and together endure the greatest step of them all, learning to accept. Like I’ll need to learn to accept this as my favorite album of this year, while the rest of the year hasn’t even happened yet.

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