The Apple Watch is Finally Shown


The near mythical status of the Apple Watch/iWatch has been the subject of many rumors and speculation but on Sept 9th, Tim Cook, in a glorious “One More Thing” moment, unveiled the long anticipated Apple Watch. After over three years of development the long-awaited device was shown off in an epic fashion, with a video narration by the devices Chief Designer, Jonny Ive.

To begin, the device comes in two varieties of wrist sizes and in three separate editions with the only the price being known. It will start at $349 and will ship in 2015. The editions are the basic Apple Watch, which will be able to be customized by a variety of different bands. The Sport edition which will have a special elastic band for the more fitness inclined user. Finally, the Apple Watch: Edition, will have a 18-karat rose or yellow gold case in addition to the Sapphire Crystal display that will be included with the other two variations as well.

In terms of software, the Apple Watch runs a unique, app centric home screen with the clock ever predominate.  The Apple Watch uses a unique mode of input called the “Digital Crown” that allows for the control of the app and allows for ease of use to navigate through different parts of a given application. Two of the most important aspects of the Apple Watch is its connectivity to Health Kit that is apart of iOS 8 and comes with a swath of health and fitness applications  that greatly expand the watches versatility. Finally, the device comes with a unique mode of communication that ties in to the new S1, Hap tic Feedback engine, which combines with an array of sensors to create intimate, communication moments. You could for example, send a picture by drawing it and it will be sent to the person you want. This also includes hearing a person’s heartbeat when you send a message, which conveys a sense of intimacy to the individual who sent it, weather it be your friends or family.

So to conclude, do you feel that the Apple Watch adds something more palpable to the Apple Ecosystem? Does this device make you want it? Sound off below.


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