Windows Phone 10 Purportedly Makes An Appearance On The Web


While Windows 10 has been widely documented on PCs via Microsoft’s Enterprise Preview, there hasn’t been much to see regarding the mobile device version. All we heard when the preview was announced were mentions of a Windows 10 for Phones being slated for sometime in 2015. Until now, next to nothing was known about the next major version of Windows Phone.

Chinese micro blogging website Seina Weibo, user ImLever, recently showed off what may be the very first screen of the new phone OS. What is shown off is a start screen similar to Windows Phone 8, yet shows off new tile arrangements, broken up by categories and with new spacing arrangements

While, it isn’t much to look at. It could be the first real look at the future of Windows Phone. Stay tuned though, because come January 21st, Microsoft will be showing off even more of the new OS at an event hosted by Satya Nadella. You can learn more about the event here. Finally, as with any leaks take this with several fistfuls of salt.

So what would you like to see included into Windows Phone 10? Sound Off Below.

Photo (Seina Weibo)

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