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Scraps is a modular vehicle combat game developed by Moment Studio. Imagine a game where the creativeness of LEGO’s mashes up with, the fun of BattleBots, and the raging engines of Twisted Metal, now we get a sweet flavor of epic modular car battles. Scraps intimately prompts you and your car as a unit – with a wide array of customizable opportunities that unlock per level. You will enjoy machine guns, canons, and fast rides. Currently, this early access is available for you to buy on Steam allowing you to enjoy the epic modular combat of Scraps while they develop the game. Regardless of their status, the game delivers a fair amount of pieces and projects for us to morph together and offers a healthy amount of games hosted to join and begin the fun.

Scraps offers two incredibly large areas of hills, dirt terrain, and ground to battle on, with an almost limitless amount of space, the sky’s the limit with your vehicles equipment. What I find impressive is the balance of weight, and center point of balance incorporated on each machine. The way you mold your ride, can heavily influence the strategy you’ll need to develop to master it. Max power outs, Scrap uses limits, and cooling options. You can expect this game to promise a massive, real physics drawn battle.

Again this game is an early access, but promises new updates regularly. Moment Studios has a community that seems to be  growing steadily and I have been reading great things about the game alongside my personal feelings about it. Construct, fight, scavenge, repair, and repeat. This game is definitely a lot of fun.

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