OBEY Game Has Fluffy Bunnies And A Giant Robot


OBEY is one of those unique games that provides a different approach to online gameplay. It is an asymmetrical multiplayer game where shrewdness and deception are your keys to winning.

The game operates around currency – the player with the most money at the end of a round wins. OBEY puts the player in the position to command or be commanded by his or her enemies – but it’s up to obey or disobey the commands. At the center of the map is a giant robot it is here where you can earn the most money. OBEY centers around coercive play – something rare to see in video games.

As mentioned before, you win by having the most currency and the end of the round. All players (bunnies) automatically earn currency during the course of the match, but the player that controls the robot gets much more currency over that period than the other players. You can take control of the robot by simply walking through the door so it is key to defend the robot as well. Many times you won’t see someone trying to sneak up and take control and you suddenly find yourself kicked out with the commoners.

There are quite a few items that players can buy with their currency. The player in the robot can buy things as well, like a drop ship where the bunnies that he killed respawn to – it’s almost like a penalty box for players that were killed by the robot. The time that players spend in the drop ship they are making even less money – there is a way for players to destroy the drop ship – this makes for an even more interesting gameplay. The drop ship can also be used by the player controlling the robot to deliver supplies. The drop ship plays a key role in the game as it provides an incentive for bunnies to actually listen to the player controlling the robot.

OBEY can best be described as a king-of-the-hill type of play. Its fun, but unfortunately it lacks one thing – players. There were so many times where I wanted to play, but I found myself in a ghost town of empty servers with no one to play with. Personally I think this has to do with the games fairly steep learning curve. While the game’s mechanics can be quickly learned, I think the coercive play style throws many gamers off.

To learn more about OBEY take a look at its extensive WIKI. You can find OBEY over in the Steam store.

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