MWC 2016 Recap


Mobile World Congress was held last week in Barcelona, Spain where tech heads from all over the planet came together in joyous celebration of the new, the exciting, and just plain weird devices that will make their 2016 debut.

In case you missed it here is a summary of what we found interesting:

  1. Lumia 650: The so-called “last” Lumia. The Lumia 650 is a metal clad low-cost version of the Lumia series. Starting at $199, with a OLED display and a really solid build quality, the Lumia 650 is currently available to pre-order from certain European retailers. Those who want to learn more can find out more about the Lumia 650 here.
  2. S7 and S7 Edge: Samsung unveiled a waterproof S7 and S7 Edge, each with more compact and refined designs with enhanced build quality, bigger batteries, inclusion of micro SD cards (welcome back) better processors – you know, the whole works. As iterative as they may be, they are still beautiful yet powerful devices that will be among the best selling Android handsets that go on sale this year. Those of you interested in learning more and possibly pre-ordering your own can look here for more details.
  3. The LG G5: This was one of two devices that really impressed me. What made the G5 a standout to me was the new modular design of the device. The bottom half of the G5 comes off and can be switched with other components, such as a HIFI audio driver, a camera grip with a shutter button and an enhanced battery all built-in. The modular concept on the G5 is what made it my number two device of the show. More info can be found here.
  4. Sony Xperia X Phones/ Concept Devices: The X Performance, X-A and regular X device will make up the High to Low end for the Xperia line going forward. The real head turners though, weren’t the phones but rather what Sony calls it’s “Concept” devices. The Xperia Agent, is an Amazon Echo like device with a far more elegant design. The Xperia Camera is a new take on the portable camera. The Xperia Projector is a very cool device, what it does is projects a touch screen to any surface. The last device, is the Xperia Ear, a super tiny headset that allows for smart, hands free control over your smartphone. If your interested, more information can be found here.
  5. The HP Elite X3: This was the one device, out of a sea of hundreds, that receives my “best of  show” reward for bringing out the best Windows Phone I have ever seen. The Elite X3 is a 6 inch, QHD monster of a device, that is the most specked out Windows Phone ever. It has Iris Scanning, a Fingerprint Scanner, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage that is expandable by up to 2TB via Micro SD, It has a OIS enabled camera, a massive 4140 Mah battery, two massive front facing speakers, USB type C fast charging and support for both PMA and QI wireless charging. Amazing specifications aside, what makes the Elite X3 so “Elite” and gives it the namesake X3 is how it implements Window’s Continuum. It can run Continuum on a specially designed Laptop that makes Continuum a far more “Mobile” experience than ever before. While more information on the launch date of the Elite X3 wont be unveiled until the summer, you can bet that I will be purchasing this device on launch day. Anyone who wants to know more can look here.

So are you excited for some of the devices shown off at MWC? What are some of your favorites? Sound off below!!

Photo: (The Verge)


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