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Classic film noir cinema meets the atmosphere and direction of Limbo. Immerse yourself in a this richly thematic thriller as you embark against the backdrop of 1930’s Europe. This gritty 2D side scrolling tale of conspiracy, redemption, and its European building ground, come together to create this puzzle adventure. In Calvino Noir, you control several different characters and solve puzzles that correlate with your character’s skill set. Picking locks and knocking out foes is just the beginning of this 7 chapter title.

Throughout the game your character will be interacting with its environment, practicing the classic point and click archetype. Hovering options will present themselves when you’re character gets near to it. Any collectible available too will present themselves when your character hovers over them. This can be easily distinguishable from the main objective by the size and availability of the hover option. This compliments the already minimal HUD options, and the clean character options layered across the bottom of the display. I’d also assume the lack of a tutorial also hints at the developers attempt to create a fundamental noir piece with no filler or padding. I do have to say, this may be not be too good.

I find the control to be clunky to say the least. Every so often my character would alarm a guard passing by even if my character is hidden. I also feel as if Wilt’s takedown tactic has a delay in its delivery destroying a bit of the immersion as he stumbles on top of the guard before grabbing him and choking him out. I also find the collectible option irrelevant. I mean, while I do enjoy it, they feel more of a burden and unnecessary for the type of game rather than a fun optional mission.

Regardless of my concerns, the appeal of this game is definitely it’s writing and it’s aesthetics. I find Calvino Noir displays a soft and silky atmosphere complimented by a grand slow jazz score. Overall, Calvino Noir is a very impressive story driven 2D side scroller accompanied by an impressive score and a fully immersive theme. While the controls are a bit frustrating, I’d say the story makes up for lack of.


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