Seasons after Fall A Glorious Adventure


In Seasons after Fall, you play as a fox that has been given mystical powers that allow for the changing of the seasons. These powers given to you by the Four Guardians, allow you to change the seasons. The fox can summon Winter, Spring or Summer to instantly change the environment and open new paths.

The four Guardians of the Seasons are protectors of a ritual: the Bear for Winter, the Crane for Autumn, the Eel for Spring, and the Cicada for Summer. The fox must use his mythical powers to meet these guardians or face not completing the quest. In order to complete the game, you must learn how and when to use each season to your advantage.

The puzzle-platformer will have you fascinated with its hand-painted graphics and original music performed by a string quartet – giving the game a rock-solid overall artistic classification. It’s truly captivating. 

I really enjoy playing games like this where everything feels natural and serenity instantly kicks in when you start playing.

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