Tackle Your Musophobia With Epic Swarms Of Rodents In A Plague Tale


Earlier this week Asobo Studio announced that their latest title A Plague Tale: Innocence will be making its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The game is set in 1349 during the peak of the Black Death, in which millions of people died from contracting the plague. You play as siblings Amicia and Hugo who have to battle their way away from the nasty disease while evading swarms of rats.

The stealthy action-adventure game will have the following features:

  • An original story featuring two young orphans on the run from the Inquisition
  • Gameplay that blends action, adventure, and stealth phases
  • Survive against a great danger: supernatural swarms of rats that appeared with the great plague

No release date yet for this one, but you can bet that we will be watching this one closely.


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