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Detroit, Michigan Indie Alt Rock/Pop band If Walls Could Talk have the honor of being our #WeeklyDiscovery for this week. Starting this week, we’ll be attempting to include an interview with the featured artist each week!

Tell us a bit about the band. (how’d you meet? How long have you been together? Who are your major influences? How do you describe your style?)

Nick: Three of us actually went to highschool together! We played in bands through highschool and we always gelled. Once we reached college, we decided that we wanted to do this for the rest of our lives and make a living from it. We were lucky enough to find the other two members that shared the same goal, and here we are!

You’ve recently released a Deluxe version of your 2016 debut EP, What Would They Say?. What made you want to take this route, especially with an EP that’s so recent?

Nick: This EP was what got us to where we are today. We wanted to close this chapter of our lives with a few more goodies to show how we’ve evolved for these two years, and we thought the best way to do that was by showing it! Our renditions of the existing songs, plus the new songs really show contrast to where we were two years ago.

What does the writing process look like? Has it changed between releases?

Tony: It’s definitely something that has changed throughout the years. Previously, I would work on a song and create a demo for it or have a good idea of how things would sound. Then I would bring it to the band and they would make it their own by adding a few parts here and there. Recently, we’ve been trying to collaborate more and even write during rehearsal time as opposed to on our own time. I don’t think we’ve found the right formula of how to write just yet, but we’re definitely close!

With all of the different musical tastes that typically tend to flourish in a band, do you feel that helps bring a lot to the table when it comes to song writing or does it make it difficult because everyone wants to go in different directions?

Tony: I see this play out both ways really. Currently, I think that it’s more difficult than helpful. Part of the reason I say this is because we haven’t found the key to collaborate yet. I’m also not used to the band changing the thing that I present. Whereas before I would just give them the music, now, we are trying to pull together all of our tastes and ideas. Sometimes it feels like we are going into the songwriting process with the intent to change something which isn’t always helpful. But the good thing is the fact that we are trying new things and being inventive. I’m super excited to see how things turn out.

How does creativity inform or alter your happiness?

Tony: For me, creativity is it’s own breed of happiness. I wouldn’t say it is happiness itself because I can be sad when I’m creative. Sometimes I feel like I’m more creative when I’m not happy. But, because I’m able to express myself through music, I feel some kind of release which is a good thing.

A lot of people don’t understand the hard work that goes into being in a band. Explain to us some of the setbacks that comes with being in a band that you wish others understood better.

Nick: The time, energy, and sacrifices required. The band is a part time job- I don’t think many understand how much time actually goes into each performance, social media post, song, rehearsal, etc. Certainly not complaining- we LOVE doing this! But I definitely think it’s something that certainly gets over looked.

We’re big on indie artists at DigiSpun. Any hidden gems you’ve been listening to lately?

Tony: Some indie artists I’ve been listening to recently include New Politic, Hippo Campus, Vulfpeck, Vesperteen, and Houndmouth.

What’s next for you guys?

Nick: Currently we’re working on some new tunes- it’s been our primary focus for the past few months and for the months ahead. We’re attempting to figure out our new sound and how to release a quality record for our fans. Stay tuned!

If Walls Could Talk recently released the deluxe version of their debut EP, What Would They Say?, which features three stripped back songs, giving a raw and in-depth look at the band as a whole.

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