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Sacramento,CA Pop-Punk band Lonely Avenue have the honor of being our #WeeklyDiscovery for this week.

Could you introduce yourself and what you do in the band and give a quick background on the band?

Patrick: How’s it going. My name is Patrick and I play guitar for Lonely Avenue. Casey is our singer, Gabe plays bass, and Gavin plays the drums. We are a pop punk/ heavy alternative band from Sacramento, California. We’ve been a band since 2012 and have been able to evolve over the years into who we are today.

Your latest EP “Buried Treasures” has been out since February. Where did the inspiration come for the lyrical content of this EP?

Casey: This EP for me is about facing unknowns that you aren’t used too, and facing the harsher realities of being thrown into adulthood.

Do you draw any of your songs from past experiences?

Patrick: Definitely. Everything we write is influenced by our own experiences and how we deal with them.

What do you want listeners to take away from the ” Buried Treasures”?

Patrick: We strive to write music that we want to listen too in hopes that other people will enjoy it as well. These our our own experiences but if people can find something they can relate too that helps them in their own way that’s incredible for us to hear.

With all the different musical tastes that band members typically bring as influences, do you feel that helps bring a lot to the table when it comes to song writing or does it make it difficult because everyone wants to go in different directions?

Patrick: It’s actually a lot of fun having different musical inputs while writing. We will usually bring each other half completed songs and mash the two we like the best together. It’s also helpful when listening back to demos. We can each listen individually, come back, and give input as to what should be changed or what should stay.

You’re from Sacramento, right? What’s the Sacramento music scene like? Do you feel that the hometown/local scene is something that has become less relevant now than in the early 2000s?

Patrick: I feel like we still have a very solid scene. We just played a sold out local show a couple weeks ago!

How does creativity inform or alter your happiness?

Patrick: Playing music and being able to create music with my best friends is the best. I can be having an awful day, and then go to band practice and feel 100% better. Sometimes we will be at practice and really get into a song we are playing, and I can’t help but smile after.

When it comes to writing and playing music, what’s the most satisfying thing to you guys?

Patrick: For me the most satisfying part of making music is blasting my own tunes in my car driving down the freeway into the sunset, haha. We make music we want to listen to. Playing shows is also a blast, a very sweaty, dehydrated, blast.

A lot of people don’t understand the hard work that goes into being in a band. Explain to us some of the setbacks that comes with being in a band that you wish others understood better.

Patrick: We all either work full time jobs and/or go to college. We all have a lot of bills to pay. It’s not easy getting time off to practice, tour, record, etc. We have to plan everything 3 to 6 months in advance. Everything that is done is done on our own dollar. Being away from your family and friends for an extended amount of time really sucks. But, the feeling of listening to something you are proud of to have created is priceless.

We’re big on indie artists at DigiSpun. Any hidden gems you’ve been listening to lately?

Patrick: Personally I’ve been into a lot of EZcore bands lately like Felicity and Until We Get Caught. Just to name a few. #ezcore2k18

What’s next for you guys? What does the future hold for Lonely Avenue?

Patrick: We recorded a full length album earlier this year. So keep an eye out in the next 6 months for some big moves 😉

Their latest EP, Buried Treasures is available now on all streaming platforms.

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