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Denver,CO Pop-EDM group Transform DJs have the honor of being our #WeeklyDiscovery for this week.

Could you introduce yourself and what you do in the band and give a quick background on the band?

We formed a production company called “Tranceform Productions”. We used it through dance music events/parties and used it as a way to reach the rave/club culture. That was such a special time as we got to see God’s work through key moments where we saw people who were not Christians catch a glimpse of Christs love for them. We got to talk about Jesus with party kids, DJs, a drug dealer, and a key Denver promoter. Later in 2009 we were invited to play at Ichthus Music Festival, & saw the “wave” of EDM rising, so we formed Transform DJs and now as a group or an act we perform as Transform. We are still DJs, we just perform now with more live elements of singing, rap, drum elements and etc. After touring a lot we realized that DJs vs bands/acts can be confusing. We thought we are still who we are, but because Transform communicates a better picture of who we are and how we need to operate as a group we went with that. Not unlike Rend Collective (Experience) name update perhaps. In a way Transform DJs/Transform are a bit interchangeable but our music is now released under Transform. Now we are Transform with members Jonathan & Angela Burgess and Tim & Lorna Hiel.

You’ve just recently released your single “Wildfire”. Where did the inspiration come for the lyrical content of Wildfire, and the overall sound on the track?

‘Wildfire’ is about the gospel, it’s about bringing light into the darkness, it’s about joining a movement to spread Christ’s light. It’s also about allowing the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of people to see the miraculous happen. Tim heard his pastor share that “We can explain biblically the various moves of the Holy Spirit, but what we cannot explain is a powerless church. A little bit of ‘wildfire’ is better than no fire.” And so we went with that! We believe God is alive, and wants to show us His Love and help other find that love. As far as the sound: Taylor, former member and Wildfire – producer had this song made as an instrumental and “Melbourne Bounce” was going off and we were just like “yea let’s add lyrics to this and a rap on the trap section, & release it to radio!!!!”

Your last full-length “Never Alone” has been out for a few years now. Any plans to release another full-length, or even an EP?

Yea, Never Alone album was so much fun. I think most artists really want to release an album at some point because it tells a bigger story to what is coming out of us as people/artists. But, we are super focused on singles at the moment. This fall we will be releasing a follow up to “Wildfire” which is a new Pop/EDM collab with hip-hop artist “Sean Be”. Also, Lorna just went in studio to start recording a more chill single, and we also are working on “Champion”, a song particularly close to my heart!

Transform has received positive reviews from several other Christian EDM artists such as Andy Hunter, David Thulin & LZ7. How does it feel to have such great feedback from notable artists who are peers in the genre?

We look up to all three of the people you mentioned! They have all been very helpful on our journey. And we look up to so many more artists! There are so many amazing artists using their gifts for Jesus and we love that we can learn from them. We are so inspired by people who use their platform to share the love of Jesus!!!! It is incredible to see them do it over and over and over again, not growing tired of their call! We want to be like that!!! I love how LZ7 have initiated peacemaker.live as they tour with Jason Derulo

With all the different musical tastes that band members typically bring as influences, do you feel that helps bring a lot to the table when it comes to song writing or does it make it difficult because everyone wants to go in different directions?

I think it helps. With the right ingredients the outcome can be so great, but i get your question. Sometimes the wrong ingredients can take away too. Our backgrounds help us really. From House and Trance,traditional electronic dance music to pop and hip-hop to a heart of worship. It all seems to help us stay grounded but also pushes us to take our projects out of our comfort zone to at least see what happens or see how Jesus wants to use them.

How does creativity inform or alter your happiness?

When people are a part of something with purpose, I think it gives them great joy. When they find purpose through something they love, how much greater that joy! When they find God’s purpose, the ”kingdom purpose” doing something they love, I think that is the jackpot. What’s cool is when we realize that those things we love; talents, passions, interests are from God most of the time. He loves to watch us live those out and bring glory to Him while we use them, because they were His gifts to us anyway. Like who put the dream in Nehemiah’s in the bible heart to go rebuild protection around Jerusalem? I bet God was so happy to watch him live out that dream and provide for him to do so! Of course, selfish or harmful “dreams” are another story. But like Eric Little in “Chariots of Fire”, God made him fast, and when he ran he felt God’s pleasure. It’s the same with us.

When it comes to writing and playing music, what’s the most satisfying thing to you guys?

Playing Live! Interacting with the crowd and seeing lives changed and impacted by Jesus! Its amazing! But even better when what you are performing came from your heart!

We’re big on indie artists at DigiSpun. Any hidden gems you’ve been listening to lately?

Wow! so many! We have a weekly syndicated show called Movement Radio that we turned into a podcast too on Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud and it is full of indie artists for you to choose from. At the moment I would say don’t let another day go by until you have listed to Gui Brazil, Nathaneal Bryce/Goshen Sai, Audicid. L.E.D. SonarZone, Dan Garay, Emasound and I could go on and on and on….

What’s next for you guys? What does the future hold for Transform DJs?

Releasing our “Jericho” single and music video, and a UK and Netherlands tour this November/December. Building, partnering and dreaming for God’s best ways to:
1. Share the Gospel of Jesus Saving Grace John 3:16
2. Defending pre-born people and other defenseless people worldwide. Lovingly raising up a generation to call for the abolition of abortion Matthew 25, Proverbs 24:11 and
3. Leading God’s people into Worship!

Jesus//Life//Worship ….our 3

Their latest track, Wildfire is available now on all streaming platforms.

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