CES 2015: Samsung


At CES 2015 Samsung showed off some rather impressive pieces of tech, here were some of their announcements.

The Samsung Portable SSD T1, is a USB 3.0 based SSD drive with extremely fast read and write speeds that are on the level as their internal SSD counterparts. This SSD drive is a perfect place to store your game collection, music, or other important programs that can take advantage of the faster processing times. The most important aspect of these SSD’s is their affordability, with the 250 GB SSD starting at $180 and the 1TB drive going for $600.

Samsung also announced a whole new line of Smart TV’s using it’s Tizen based OS, which is essentially, Samsung’s answer to LG’s WebOS Smart TV platform. What is special about these TV’s besides their OS and 4K capabilities, is the fact that it incorporates nano-crystal semiconductors to create what are essentially some of the best pictures ever witnessed on a TV. Alongside the TV announcement, Samsung announced the 4K UHD alliance, where developers and broadcasting companies can settled on 4K standards for everything from Audio, to Dynamic Color Ranges for the content they deliver.

Finally, Samsung announced that it’s Milk streaming platform will be coming to the Web and its own Smart TV line.

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