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I love it when a gem of a game pops up out of nowhere – Copy Kitty by the Entanma Project is one such game. I had the chance to play the demo and was immediately surprised at how much punch this little game has on an entertainment scale. Copy Kitty is a fast-paced, action arcade, shooter, with explosive graphics and amazing art work.

You play as Boki the hero of the story that’s sent into Virtual Reality (VR) by her insectoid uncle. She has the ability to copy the abilities of anything she fights mixing and combing up to three abilities at once to form new unique abilities. There are 350 unique combination in all so you won’t get tired of combo limitations. She can also kick through certain walls.

Right out of the box the game can be played with an Xbox 360 controller – a perfect fit for a fast-paced game like this one. Players can choose from two different game modes: Mission Mode and Endless Mode.

Mission Mode lets you “blast through a huge variety of stages, ranging from exploring crystal caves to death matches against gigantic robots! Clash against hundreds of different enemy types – the stronger they get, the stronger Boki gets too! The game also includes a complete and unlimited mission editor, allowing you to create your own levels and easily share them with your friends! “

Endless Mode “pits you against never-ending formations of evil Constructs, raising in intensity for as long as you can handle it! No matter how many times you play Endless Mode, it will always be different and provide new challenges. The environment changes as you progress, passing through forests, caves, volcanoes, and even outer space!”

Copy Kitty has a lot going on with the aesthetics of its environment – visually there is just so much to see. But that works for this game style. I also thought the game did a good job teaching you how to play – letting you know about the abilities that you have. This is a game you should try, and you can for free by downloading the demo.

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