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Dishonored brings a breath of fresh air with its stunning game play, and visuals surroundings that are pleasing to the eyes. The game has hints of Assassins Creed, mixed with a Bioshock type of game play. If you like FPS action games then you wont be disappointed. Finally a break from a game that simply forces you to go kill this and go kill that; you have the choice to play the mission however you like. The way you play the game determines the ending, so whether you want to be a hack-in-slash type of player or a merciful assassin, both will determine how the ending of the game.

Epic game play, with many options. The game lets the player decide moral choices. Game settings and scenery are amazing. A player can be as stealthy as they want, and even play the entire game without killing anyone. Players are able to blend in with their surroundings and take advantage of cover. There are DLC packs available.

The storyline is a little grainy at times, there some characters that do not have enough detail. Some stealth controls take a little getting used to, however with a little practice you get used to it. I would have liked a few more levels, but the game does have a few side quests and can be played various ways. So if you like playing through a game more than once with different approaches, you will really enjoy this one. The game is rated mature so parents need to make sure their child is of age.


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