Game Review: Duke Grabowski: Mighty Swashbuckler


I have always had a soft spot for old-school adventure games – my all-time favorite being The Curse of Monkey Island. So naturally I was excited when Venture Moon Industries decided to work on a new adventure game called Duke Grabowski. This was because the development team was full of industry veterans like Bill Tiller – lead background artist for The Curse of Monkey Island. This immediately set the bar for me in regards to this game. After a successful funding campaign, the game finally made its way out to the wild late last year.

To me, this game felt more like a tease than it did anything else. I thought it was too short, it had maybe 1 – 2 hours of gameplay tops. It felt like I had just completed the first chapter in a really good book and was ready for more. However, in its defense, the intentions from the start were to have a small and achievable game and I think they nailed that part. Perhaps we may see other Duke Grabowski’s in the near future – it certainly is feasible.

Just like the game, the story is short and sweet. You play as a big, burly pirate named Duke, and in order to become captain of the ship, you must win the love of three women. Seducing them, or at least convincing them to vouch to your skeptical crew that you have won their hearts. The dialogue within the story is full of satire. It even has some references to some of the older adventure games that season adventure gamers will recognize.

The game is a fun charming little diversion from the likes of the Monkey Island Series, I enjoyed playing it.

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