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Dungeon Souls is what I’d consider the suggested RPG hack ‘n slasher we’d all been waiting for since Rogue Legacy. This top down 2D dungeon crawler adds a nice twist to the classic dungeon romp. Each run through of Dungeon Souls begins by having you choose one of the six fallen heroes to roam the procedurally generated crypts searching for and activating runes and unlocking the teleporter to the next level. Each class consist of a primary attack, a couple secondary attacks, and a health potion slot. The upgrade system includes defense, damage, speed, and so forth. The levels difficulty scales per level and progresses quickly as you reach the bosses. I can’t stress enough how important adapting your play style to each level is.


The games interpretation of generic dungeon tropes add a nice charm to the game. With a vendor per level offering three tactical advantages ranging from speed, damage, or passive actions, it’s a decision that could be the rock in a hard place or put the ball in your court. Another fun trope included in the game is the boulder, when tripped destroys everything in its way as it rolls off the screen. Enemies will spawn and respawn randomly throughout the level and taking your time in the dungeon will result in the redeemer arriving to either rush your exit, or kill you in the act.

Exploring the dungeons will result in running, dodging, killing, and finding gold to stay alive. Death will result in resurrecting your next hero or retrying with the current hero chosen. These heroes offer a nice balanced construction of asymmetric abilities. The dynamic differences could result in unique strategies built around individual characters. Dungeon Souls is considerably impressive not only because of its unique take on dungeon crawling, but it’s variety of talent shown in-game play, design, artwork, and development.

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