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Energy Hook is a game that can challenge you, engage you, and promises a lot of Parkour excitement. In Energy Hook, you play as a female who has energy powers that grant her an energy hook and a Jetpack. Jamie Fristom, – creator of the incredible swinging system in Spider-Man 2, is the person behind this game. I think we can all agree that the swinging freedom of Spider-Man 2 has never really been utilized since, even in Spider-Man games, which is why Jamie created Energy Hook.

In this game, instead of fighting super villains and wearing spandex, you are to master the swinging mechanic and compete in speed runs, trick modes, swinging challenges, and reach objectives. However, what the game perfects is also its downfall. The learning curve for mastering the energy hook is steep. Without any proper training courses or any types of positive reinforcement– It almost feels trivial to try. The game throws you into and arena and floods your screen with training text. There is not much of an introduction level, just a few cranes to swing from until you stumble upon a challenge. The challenge difficulty was as scattered as the controls feel when you begin– it’s hard to find which ones are easier and which ones are more difficult.

The realistic physics, boosters, and grappling hook are a fun experience to tackle. If you have the patience to learn the energy hook, the mechanics are exciting. The variety of worlds to explore and visual design nudge the ‘one more time’ mantra in me. I just wish the game delivered a training wheel level for me– rather than push me off the next and expect me to fly on my first try.

You can find Energy Hook over on Steam Early Access.

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