Game Review: Leo’s Fortune HD Edition


Leopold is back and this time the mustached little fur-ball is in stunning HD. Leo’s Fortune was originally developed for iOS and Android, but was recently remastered in glorious 1080p HD. I loved playing this game – especially with the stunning HD environment to go with it.

Leo’s Fortune follows the tale of Leopold a well-off mustached fur-ball who returns home one day to discover that his fortune is missing. Who took it? Where did it go? At least the thief left a trail of gold on their way out. Leo must follow this trail of gold coins to find out who took his treasure. Along the way Leo finds himself is some very tough situations that he must jump, float, pounce and push his way through.  Like any good platformer there were also a fair amount of puzzles to solve. Gameplay in Leo’s Fortune is simple – there isn’t much of a learning curve, so any player can feel comfortable playing right from the start.

I still can’t say enough for the games HD elements – each level is one large hand-crafted work of art. This is one game that you will definitely want to take a look at. You can find Leo’s Fortune on your favorite console or get it on Steam for PC or Mac.


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