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If you thought 3D graphics were the only thing that made for a great gaming experience, think again. Meet SanctuaryRPG, the most ambitious text-based RPG of 2014. At least that’s what the team behind it thinks. Black Shell Games decided to bring us back to our gaming roots and deliver a text-based RPG like no other. SanctuaryRPG is the modern-day Zork.

When I first got my hands on this game I was somewhat skeptical as I have played similar games like this, and they all felt unfinished and sloppily put together. SanctuaryRPG isn’t like that. I could tell that the team behind the game actually spent time on the details of the game, the story and the game mechanics.

SanctuaryRPG is a text-based, dungeon crawl like, RPG that utilizes ASCII art as its graphics. At its heart it is an RPG, but you get that element of a crawler as well. You may be wondering how a game with only ASCII graphics could be any fun. Simply put, the game has all the elements that make up a complete game, a storyline, sufficient gameplay, and solid mechanics.

What’s nice about this game is that gameplay is a simple as it gets. All your button smashing comes from the keyboard, there is no use of the mouse. There are a couple of screens that you will quickly get used to, the Home Hub, and the Battle Hub. Although there are other screens throughout the game those two are the main ones.

Interaction on these two screens vary. On the Home Hub you have options like entering your field of play, restoring your health, crafting, and a number of other options. Once in the field of play you will be presented with the Battle Hub. It is here that you engage with your enemies, the key here is linking your attacks. Linking is important because each time you successfully link together a set of attacks you get your ultimate. The ultimate is a set of power attacks you can play on enemies.

Overall, gameplay is fun. There is more to the gameplay than what I briefly summarized here, but it does give you a sufficient overview of what its like.

SanctuaryRPG is a game worth talking about. While at its core it’s a simple concept, it is packed full of entertainment. There is a lot to like about this game, over 160 class and race combinations to choose from, 1400 weapons, and hours of gameplay. The latest update added an 8-bit soundtrack that was the icing on the cake on this retro like ASCII graphic adventure.

If you like retro gaming or want to try something different give this game a try. This little gem is a work of art and should be at least tried by all gamer types. If you want to download the game head on over to and download it. You can’t beat the price as you name it!

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