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I jumped into Seeders with absolutely no preconceived notions about the game. What started off charming was quickly considered amateur. From the storyline to unplayable level development, I found that Seeders – a skateboarding platformer fell short of a few valuable components that make a good video game. While I’m a huge fan of graphics that push the boundaries of Indie games, I felt it pales compared to the game play.

I’ll begin with the visual design and composition. Like I’ve stated earlier, the graphics relayed a certain charm to me. It’s simple and excited the inner developer in me, playing with 16bit characters and enjoying the rendered backgrounds with the simple animations. But it became apparent that this impact would lessen as the game progressed. Mediocre script will in turn make an uninterested plot line. I found the awkward writing confusing me with random thought bubbles expressing the character concerns unrelated to the bigger picture. A story should translate a guideline written through time. It should introduce a problem and follow it by in braiding related topics along with story progression. I found Seeder was incapable of doing so.

I found the composition lacking in vitality. It, like the story, was unrelated and I felt the game could’ve profited by having a better portrayal of their skateboarding schema. Setting the mood is necessary and could’ve been done through a more psychedelic homage to skating. It could’ve relayed the immersion for me a bit more, but instead I was greeted by some vapid easy-listening tunes which completely contrast with the death spikes and flashy hover boards.

I could’ve overlooked the pale plot line and contradicting music. But I found the game unplayable. I found the clunky design a very sorry excuse for a puzzle. The game expects players to maneuver through unclear paths and unregistered physics. I couldn’t help but find it trivial that a death means you relocate back to your save spot because it just renders exploration useless. I wish I could find more to this game, and I’m sure I would. But I can’t spend this much time manipulating levels in order to pass them. Seeders is available on Steam for PC,Mac, and Linux.

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