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Arcade games have a certain novelty to them. When you head in an arcade,  your expectations for quick high paced action games never seem to disappoint. Slide in a few quarters and you are on your way to vibrant colors, loud music, and rumbled seats, as you race down a narrow road collecting points and racing against the clock. Unfortunately, the experience we receive at an arcade does not parallel to our experience at home. Without those flashy lights, and motion seats, those games on Steam or on console just aren’t the same to me. With more than enough buttons to support a couple of mechanics, I found Spectra to be a little underwhelming.

Visually the game is nice to look at, and definitely impresses on the arcade like visuals. Players receive bonus points for edgy moves such as grazing across walls, or pushing for some air time. With each opportunity having the ability to rack up points – this is fundamentally how the game performs. The level ends when you’ve reached the end of the song or your car dies, the points are added to your levels progress score and posted to a local rank, where you can replay levels and push for higher scores. The game does everything right, it’s balanced, it’s engaging, it’s an avalanche of action. Spectra just lacks in variety.

On a grand scheme, the game doesn’t offer much. A great soundtrack and a few fun mechanics can only take a game so far. The similar tracks, and dangerous road blocks seem to get repetitive, and the catchy tunes become a bit jarring after a while. The local high score system could have introduced an online component, and the levels could have met with a variety of themes.

Spectra, meets a healthy amount of requirements to be an engaging. Racing down a lit up run-way, dodging blocks and collecting points all to a 8-bit tune. However, my internal grieve for diversity are easily ignored when I have some downtime and I’d like a quick paced racing game. You can find Spectra here.

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