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Stone tales is an action packed platformer side scroller with a heartfelt story line and awesome game play. In Stone Tale, you take control of two brothers, Buga and Uga, embarking on countless dangerous missions while they endure tribulation from the wilds of the jungle. Your goal is to become a great warrior of the Ukelele tribe. These two brothers that you are playing each have their own skill sets. You have Buga, a strong defensive player who also acts as the lead role, and Uga, the offensive player who takes down armed foes and wild animals with his spear. Stone Tales develops a deeper involvement with the history of the brothers as you progress, that develops a bond between you and the brothers. For example, midway through mission three, your younger brother Uga, gets kidnapped and you are now up against the evils of the wild by yourself.

Stone tales comes with a wicked soundtrack to guide you among dangers, serene views, and full tribes of enemies. The scenery throughout the game becomes more in-depth and thought-provoking to the theme. It was interesting to me how a side scroller could get me so immersed in the game. The Game play is excellent, it is challenging, it is innovative, and it’s nostalgic. You will experience jumping over fires, fighting wild things, and barely holding on to ledges as you make death-defying jumps. The challenge from this game had me anxious, it had me annoyed, but it kept me going. With various checkpoints and dangerously placed hazards, it’s far from impossible to beat. Throwing spears can get you closer and closer to what may arguably be a fantastic skill to develop.

I found this to be a title worth playing. At first I was turned off by the art design but later felt it was reminiscent of the old side scrollers I once played on the original PlayStation console. Difficult levels focus on sketch art accompanied by a fantastic score giving players the “just one more time” mantra. If you’re looking for the next challenging side scroller look no further.

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