Happy iPhone 6 Launch Day


Once a year, every year, Apple launches a new iPhone to huge fan fair all around the world. Every year though the same problem persists of getting what you want. This post will be to help those who have both ordered one of the two new iPhones or who haven’t yet. I will give tips on how to be both a smart and safe shopper when it comes to purchasing a new iPhone.

Firstly if you have not pre-ordered the iPhone 6 at this point, then don’t. You are better off waiting until the madness of the endless waiting lines and buyers remorse come to a slower pace, to pick and choose exactly you want with out websites crashing or your carrier not having your device in stock. This allows the initial hectic nature of new iPhone launches to pass and get the device you want, whether it be the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

If your one of the handful of people who pre-ordered their device and got what they wanted more or less, than it’s important to follow a few key steps to make your buying experience as easy as possible. One of the most important steps you can take is to arrive early. This ensures your place in line and makes sure that no matter what happens that you get your device as quickly as possible. Personally, I arrive as early as I physically can. I found it to be easiest to arrive about 6 hours early before the store opened, yes it may be a tad excessive, but it makes sure that you can be one of the first to get that new device.

Another great piece of advice is to be polite to the Apple Geniuses. They have to deal with hundreds of crazy customers and if by some chance they don’t have the device you ordered or it’s taking a lot more time than you expected for them to retrieve your device; being irate and throwing a tantrum over it will only make everyone’s day rougher and more stressful. It is always better to take a chill-pill, sit down by a Mac, surf the internet and enjoy some of their on site refreshments and wait for them to get to you.

Finally, a very important rule of purchasing a new iPhone is wait until you’re at home to play with it. The reason being is that theft is an all to common problem at these sort of events, where everyone wants the same thing and you’re in possession of the very thing these people seek. So it’s important to keep it your bag alongside with some extra paper to help keep it covered and keep it close to you at all times. This way you avoid a disaster and your purchase is safe.

So hopefully these tips will give you a better, safer buying experience. Have a great iPhone day everyone!!!

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