Hard Reset: Redux A Refurbished Take On a Classic FPS


The over-the-top cyberpunk FPS Hard Reset has been born again into Hard Reset: Redux. Polish developer Flying Wild Hogs added some new features to include enhanced visuals, improved performance, new weapons, new enemy type, new quick dash move, and re-balanced gameplay.

If you haven’t heard of the original Hard Reset its okay, I hadn’t either until I was introduced its upgraded successor Redux. I had no idea what to expect, it had also been a while since I had played any FPS games.

Hard Reset: Redux was a game that intrigued me because of its cyberpunk style – I have always been attracted to games that use this type of setting. Redux does an excellent job painting this genre. It didn’t take me long to figure out how to play the game – as with most FPS the controls were simple and easy to figure out. I was always greeted by hordes of relentless robots, Cyborg Zombies, and some pretty grandiose end boss fights. It was fun from the start – just like a game like this is supposed to be. I always felt as though I was on my toes, but there were a few points in the game where I just stood admiring the lovely cyberpunk setting.

Hard Reset: Redux is an amusing single player shooter that perfectly blends abstract destruction and classic FPS gameplay.


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