Indie Game Watch: Featherpunk Prime


Straight from the developers mouth:

Featherpunk Prime is an action-platformer mega mission with a mighty weapons arsenal, tricky procedural levels and colossal boss fights! It’s one super-agile Robo-Flamingo and its armoured sidekick against a horde of avian warbots; relentless, powerful and berserk! You’ll need skill, strategy and a slick trigger finger. Ascend the tower, destroy the Cybirdyne Guardians and execute the Evil Overlord: Madame Zoo.


  • Every floor pick a new weapon from the ultimate arsenal. Why not give the minigun a spin? Bouncing bullets pack a deadly boing. The crossbow is tasty in it’s remote and proximity flavours. A deployable sentry gun? Nice. Sticky mines should ruffle some feathers. Or just wield a blazing neon sword. And many more!
  • Every time you enter the Cybirdyne tower the configuration is new, offering fresh routes to the exit. There’s slopes to dash up, chasms to boost over, walls to scale and ducts to slide through. Organic life grows in your trail. You’ll encounter various traps so stay alert! You might spot the odd item crate too…
  • Navigate the tower with a range of abilities; boost through the air, grind along platforms, cling and slide on walls, dodge enemy attacks, duck, sprint and jump. You aren’t alone in your fight. F-Droid will aid your battle, giving you supporting firepower when you need it. Think of him as a pet. With guns.
  • Destroyed enemies drop Tekcells. Collect these to buy new abilities and upgrades; from new moves to shields to increased firepower, health and quicker reloads. You can also upgrade your F-Droid’s stats and skills

We will keep our eye out on this game, it looks amazing.

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