Indie Game Watch: Stealer The Game (5734L3R)


Cyberpunk adventure game STEALER (or 5734L3R) has been in the works for quite some time now and it seems as though the development team has no intentions of giving up on this project. They have recently released a new trailer for their project that hints towards some epic gameplay. The project has been open since 2012 and at one point was even deemed dead, but now cyberpunk fans can rejoice as the project has come to life once again.

The game does have an official website that has a development roadmap as well as an area that you can donate. Take a look at the game summary  taken from the official website:

It’s not a game about gameplay, but about the world you are in. There are no humans and perhaps never was. But some aspects of the world (“anatomy” of certain robots, a kind of “alphabet”, architecture etc) make this possibility very likely.
Even though 5734L3R is robot and look like many other robots, he is a stranger in this world. He came here to steal something very important. 1 M34N 5734L.

* Interact with the environment to connect to the world.
* Use stealth to survive.
* Solve puzzles to get access.
* Hack the Network and social chips to make robots more friendly.
* Move up the hierarchy of robots to get admin rights.
* Use Bugs to fly very far.

Keep an eye out on this one folks, it looks really good.

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