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We had the chance to talk with singer Jonathan Capeci from the indie-rock band Dinner And A Suit. The band is hot on the heels of their new EP STAY, and once again deliver a euphoric blend of lyrics and sounds. The first single on the EP titled Can’t Get Enough is a perfect example of the bands ability to express passionate lyrics and produce quality sounds.

Thanks for talking the time to talk to us today. Could you us a little bit about the band for those that may not know?

Thanks for the interview! Dinner And A Suit is an Alt/Rock band  made up of myself, my cousin Joey Beretta, Max Genca, and Drew Scheuer. We just put out a new EP STAY, and have the best fans in the world. We love ping pong and Pho soup (if you don’t know what it is, try it).

I know that you have been making music for a while now, and things have been pretty much full speed ahead ever since the record Since Our Departure. How have things changed since then?

We’ve had a lot of great opportunities and made some amazing fans along the way; they have impacted us more than anything. We feel lucky to be able to do what we love. Touring that often has also made us much tighter as a band. You get to a point where you feel really comfortable on stage. It also helped shape the new music that we have put out since then.

You recently released your new EP STAY. I noticed that it does not stray far from your previous works in regards to passionate lyrics and harmonic tunes. Could you talk a little bit about this record?

I don’t think we ever intended to completely ditch who we were, or do a complete 180 on our sound, we just wanted to progress in a direction. We wanted to dig deeper in the lyrics, stretch ourselves further in the music, and make sure we followed through in every aspect. STAY was really inspired a lot by our own shortcomings, especially in the lyrics. I find that the music I relate to most is the kind I can really feel, so we wanted to make sure that was a focus for these songs.

Now that you just released a new EP whats next for you?

Sharing the music! We put a lot of time into these songs, and we want to invite everyone to be a part of them. So we’ll be touring, releasing new content and trying to connect with whoever will listen. Perhaps a few surprises along the way.

How can fans connect with you?

We’ve got a website ( or a bunch of social sites:

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