Lost Ember Game Looks Quite Charming


Lost Ember is a story-driven third person exploration, adventure game currently being developed by Mooneye Studios. In the game you play as a lone wolf with the ability to posses other animals in the world – enabling you to then see the world as they see it.

A stirring trailer has been released for the game that shows some gameplay accompanied by a wistful soundtrack.

As of now the team is looking to gather 5000 subscriptions before they even consider launching a Kickstarter campaign – a smart move placing consumer interest at the top of the list. I see so many crowdfunding campaigns fail because developers assume that people will want to play their game. The game looks wonderful, you can bet that we will be keeping an eye on this game.

Some additional features of game include:

– TRUE ROCKSTARS Featuring sound and music by former Rockstar North veterans Craig Connor and Will Morton (Solid Audioworks)!
– EXPLORE THE WORLD Discover the beauty of a world where nature has reclaimed its place from mankind. As a wolf with the power to control other animals and a determined companion on your side you’ll discover ruins of old cultures and remains of long forgotten civilizations that tell you a story of hope, loss, ambition and failure.
– SWITCH PERSPECTIVES Your main character will be the wolf. Majestic, fast and agile he is perfect to run through the woods, travel the world and hunt down all the other animals he encounters. These other animals can be possessed anytime the wolf encounters them along his journey and their special abilities are vital in some situations. Fly through the tops of the tree with a parrot, dive into the depths as a fish or dig your way to otherwise inaccessible areas as a mole – your ways of getting around are numerous.
– DISCOVER SECRETS Dark secrets pave the way to the fall of Machu Kila! The old capitol and hometown of the Inrahsi now lays in ashes, the ruins of the once pompous temples are overgrown by shrubs and trees and nothing remains of the old majesty. Figure out what happened to the people of Machu Kila and get to know the characters behind its fall.



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