Meet The Airfy, The World’s Most Alluring WiFi HotSpot


Words like alluring, dazzling, or charming may not always be the first words used to describe a new gadget. However, in the case of the airfy WiFi HotSpot those words are more than appropriate to describe the surface of this new gadget.

A start-up company based out of Munich Germany has developed the device, with the intentions of offering free WiFi access anywhere. The mobile HotSpot device will offer both private and public WiFi access. The airfy free WiFi will allow anyone to access the Internet via a public network sponsored by ads. They way it works is simple. Whenever anyone wants to use free public WiFi they will be first be presented with a 10-second welcome message accompanied by a commercial that is shown at the start of every one-hour session. The ads are suppressed during your one-hour WiFi session.


Public WiFi data is transferred through a VPN to airfy’s servers, the company claims that you will not be responsible for data accessed via the public network.

Those wishing to privately secure their WiFi network can do so with ease. The airfy also supports a private airfy network, here there is no advertising and all data remains on your private LAN. This network is called the HomeZone. Data on both the public and private networks is secured via a WPA2 password, and encrypted. In addition, the password can be stored so when your device accesses the same public network you wont have to reenter the password. This ease-of-use is something new that airfy as introduced.


What makes this device so stylish, is the 50 built-in LEDS that light up when it is communicating with end-users.

The company will be offering several airfy products. These include the Beacon, HotSpot AC, and HotSpot N. The Beacon is a wireless Bluetooth device that can communicate with smartphones in the area via Bluetooth low energy (BLE) technology.

The airfy HotSpot N, provides public and private WiFi networks to end-users, while providing a light show with the LED’s that blink when devices are communicating with the unit. The LED’s are customizable. The router features a single-band 802.11N 1×1 WiFi module, and two 10/100 MBit Ethernet ports that support Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). The router software also supports mesh technology so that you can easily expand your WiFi network with multiple airfy devices.

Moving up the line, the airfy HotSpot AC has enhanced hardware capabilities that include: dual-band WiFi featuring 802.11N 3×3 and 802.11AC 3×3 with up to 1.3 GBit in your WiFi network. In addition, the airfy HotSpot AC comes with 5 Gigabit ports and a USB 3.0 interface.

The airfy Gateway will also be available for people who want to provide airfy access through their existing WiFi network. The airfy Gateway will be an additional feature with a monthly fee.


The concept behind this product is simple and it makes sense. Accessing public WiFi can be a hassle at times. Dealing with fees, connectivity issues and congested networks are some of the problems that we have right now. Currently the company has a campaign over on indiegogo, The airfy wireless technology looks very promising, it is something you definitely want keep your eye on.

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