Meet SOMBRERO – A Multiplayer Platformer With A “Spaghetti Western” Theme


If you enjoy congregating locally with your friends and having some epic gaming time, you may be interested in the latest party crasher – SOMBRERO. Running, jumping, looting and capturing the flags are a few of the features players can expect in this little gem. The game is a multiplayer platformer with a western theme, up to four players can join a local match.

SOMBRERO is a game that you will definitely want to play with your friends, its fast-paced Super Smash bothers style gameplay will certainly keep your competitive nature at its peak. Let the fiesta begin!

SOMBRERO features multiple gameplay modes:

• Loot! – Capture campsites for score multipliers, nab randomly spawning loot before the other players, and defend yourself!
• Classic deathmatch – defeat the other players by getting the most kills!
• Capture the Flag – whoever holds the flag for the most time during the match wins!

SOMBRERO is expected to be out later this year.

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