Meet The Couchlet, The Charger We Always Wanted


The Couchlet is one of those “Why didn’t I think of that?” inventions that you know just make sense. How many times have you found yourself on the couch or in bed with a drained mobile device? You still want to use the device, but the cord is simply too short, now you find yourself awkwardly trying to get comfortable while trying to maintain the short lease that is your charging cord.

The Couchlet is to address that issue by simply extending your existing charger to a dual USB port that “nests” in between your cushions or mattress wedges. Yes, it really is that simple – a small custom USB port with a flat folding arm. The device comes with a detachable 6-foot USB cable and a super-thin folding arm that makes it easy to wedge into the crevasses of your couch or bed.

The group that did think of such a device is Trident Design, LLC, and they are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to help fund this intuitive little device. It is expected to ship in December of this year.


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