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Total ownership of your device and complete freedom to remove anything you don’t want, is exactly what CEO and founder of The PWNAGE Project Matt Leandro wants you to know. The idea of truly owning a device that you have purchased and being able to modify its software is something many people have wanted for years.

Many manufactures frown upon consumers modifying their products software and most of the time it will void the warranty. Not so with The PWNAGE Project, their Android-based products actually encourage user modification, and even ship rooted along with an unlocked bootloader. Rooting allows the user to obtain escalated privileges to their device that are otherwise blocked. It is popular choice among the Android community as it allows for the bypassing of restrictions that manufactures or cellar carriers often put on their devices.

All that goes right along with the business model of The PWNAGE Project, “giving people what they want, they want freedom, they want the ability to be creative. To control their own device, to decide how their things are going to work.” stated CEO Matt Leandro in a phone interview with DigiSpun.

The PWNAGE Project is a global group of developers that are tired of the way things have “evolved” with the current state of open source software. “Open source software isn’t as open as it should be. We are creating our own open source project in a sense, that is also tied to the company, so that we are able to provide the world with a truly open source Android and Linux operating system.”, said Leandro.

While there are already a few players in the Android device market, The PWNAGE Project team isn’t playing around when it comes to delivering software that the masses will like. They know all too well what the competition in this market looks like, and Leandro is more than ready to take it all on full force.

When asked about what separates the PWNAGE branded products from other devices on the market, Leandro stated that the “list was very long” and that his company was offering “high quality devices that are extremely specialized, we are really picky about what chips we use, the companies that we do business with, and the way that the operating system itself is put together.”

The quality of software that Leandro is talking about steams from Rainer Trunk, the Lead Developer of ROM’s for the PWNAGE Project. The seasoned ROM maker and co-founder of builds and maintains the ROM’s for all of the company’s devices. The ROM is the base operating system for the device. The current PWNAGE ROM is based of the official Google Android 4.2.2 OS. Rainer expects to have updates pushed to devices every three months or sooner depending on the health of the devices.

Trunk also mentioned that the company took careful consideration when choosing the hardware. Which is why they chose to go with Rockship’s RK3188, a low power consuming Quad-core Cortex-A9 CPU. Trunk has fully optimized the ROM so that it can take full advantage of the computing resources without the extra/poor coding that comes from other manufactures. This makes it exceptionally fast and responsive to the hardware.

They are also planning on updating their ROM to version 4.3 which will allow for dual-booting, allowing users to choose to boot into Android or a full Linux desktop.

A techie at heart Leandro wanted to create something that he would want to purchase. “The first thing I do when I get a device. Is I root it, I unlock the boot-loader, I install a custom ROM on it… There are a lot of other folks out there that do the same thing.” he stated.

It isn’t just “openness” that The PWNAGE Project is about it is also concerned about freedom and privacy. While some companies track user information for various reasons, The PWNAGE Project is not about that. If you are concerned with privacy you wont have to worry about that with their software.

The PWNAGE Project recently revealed the PWNAGE JXD a special edition release of JXD’s S7800B gaming console. The device features their latest ROM built on Android 4.2.2 and removes the “bloat and spyware” that plague most other Android devices. According to the company, you now have a new completely open source ROM. Along with great software, the device also boasts the RockChip RK3188 Quad-Core processor CPU, a Quad-Core Mali-400 GPU, topped with 2GB of DDR3 RAM. That’s more than enough horsepower to play almost any Android game that’s out now. The device is currently on sale now on Amazon.

The company isn’t just planning on focusing on gaming consoles. Leandro’s vision for the company is much larger, expanding on all fronts of computing. “Its about Android, Linux and open source.” he said. The PWNAGE Plaza MarketPlace and Community will launch in February along with their entry level gaming device the PWNAGE Li, followed by a more powerful Lx model later in the year.

The company also released two more devices a TV stick, and a Mini PC. The TV stick can be plugged into a TV and turn it in to a Smart TV, it will come with a small remote that has a keyboard and act as a mouse. It too will be running on a custom version of the PWNAGE firmware. Its price is $69.99

Starting at $179 to around $250 the Mini PC will have the ability to dual-boot between Android and a Linux desktop. The Mini PC is to be an affordable machine that will allow consumers to play games but also have the ability to boot in to a fully operational desktop. The PC will be compatible with most computer peripherals, other options include HDMI, Bluetooth and WiFi connections.

It is pretty clear that The PWNAGE Project means business when it comes to delivering products with a solid core. With an already crowded Android market, it is refreshing to know that a company is taking its devices to another level while allowing its customers to maintain true ownership of their devices.

For more information on The PWNAGE Project please visit their website and Amazon Storefront.

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