Sony Unveils The Worlds First 4K Smartphone


It’s no rumor that Sony’s smartphone business is not where the company would like it to be, with falling profits and revenues the company seeks to change its fortune in a big way with its newly shown off Z5 range of smartphones.

For starters, each device will have the exact same internals. A Snapdragon 810, 3GB of RAM (2GB for the compact), they will also include Sony’s next generation Exmor sensor in a 23 megapixel package and a new side mounted fingerprint scanner and Micro SD card expansibility. Software wise, they will all be running Android 5.1 and will be due to arrive later this year.

Where the Z5 line really stands out is in the display and sizes for each device. First off, the Z5 compact is coming in at 4.7 inch’s and will have a 720p display. Next off the regular Z5 will have a 1080p display at 5.2 inches. Lastly, and the reason for the headline in the title, is the Z5 Premium, which will include the worlds first 4K display (3840 X 2160), which is an insanely high-resolution to add to a panel at 5.5 inch’s. While the actual benefit is up for debate, the eye-popping effect this will have for people, may help Sony’s troubled smartphone brand. Those who want to catch the IFA presentation can find it here.

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