TABBY The DIY Open Source Vehicle, Available This Year


Who would have thought there would be a low-cost, eco-friendly, vehicle that you could make yourself that wasn’t in a movie. Well there is, at least the start of one, enter the TABBY. The TABBY is the first “OSVehicle: an industrializable, production ready, versatile, universal chassis”.

So what exactly is an Open Source Vehicle (OSV)? A OSV is a vehicle that is, well, open source. Meaning that anyone can contribute to the development of the vehicle, the 3D project files can be downloaded and customized. This makes it “open” for others to be creative and have complete access to their vehicle.

At its core, the TABBY is a chassis that can be assembled in less than one hour. Think of the TABBY as a vehicle starter kit. The chassis will have the option to be powered by a fully electric motor, a hybrid motor or an Internal combustion engine.  According to the company’s website, “The internal combustion engine coupled with the electric motor can act as electrical generator to charge the batteries or output electrical power to external appliances even while the vehicle is not moving.”

The TABBY will come in two versions the TABBY and the Urban TABBY. The TABBY is the original core chassis and the non street legal version of the two. Of course, with a little extra work it could be made street legal, but the company wants to focus on the Urban TABBY for its street legal version of the OSV. The Urban TABBY will already be approved (in Europe) to be street legal.


A finished vehicle based on TABBY will cost between €4000 to €6000 ($5445 to $8168), that’s pretty cheap compared to most other vehicles. The low-cost aspect of the vehicle is one of its biggest strengths.

Pre-orders are now being accepted for the two or four seat chassis. Additional options like seats, wheels, battery packs, and an electric powertrain are also available. The TABBY comes without an engine, but the company says that an electric engine will be available at the time of shipping. In addition, the Integrated Hybrid engine (IHE) for the TABBY will be available  this winter.

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