Things You Should Know Before Buying Your Next Smartphone


I often get asked what is the best smartphone and why someone should buy it but I never give the answer that people are expecting – a specific brand right off the bat. Today’s market is saturated with a variety of smartphones and it can be difficult, frustrating – downright impossible to research which one is right for you. In today’s post I’ll share with you some things you should know before buying that next smartphone, hopefully these tips will help ease your next purchase.

Avoid Brand Bias

We all know that guy or girl who is intimately involved with a particular brand and refuses to think logically about any other brand – we call these folks fanboys and fangirls. These people are at the front line of their brands defense and are ready to argue home the reason their particular mobile device is best. While these people may have some valid points on why their device is superior, it does not mean its right for you. Go into your next smartphone purchase with an unbiased mindset, be open-minded and see what all brands have to offer.

Ask Yourself Some Questions

Making a decision to purchase a smartphone isn’t an easy one, so making sure you are asking yourself the right questions is important. Here are a few questions that you can ask yourself before you sign that contract with the carrier:

  1. What do I really want in a smartphone?
  2. What does it have to do well for me?
  3. What do I need to research?

Allow me to elaborate on these three basic questions. Question number one, “What do I really want in a smartphone? This may seem like an easy question, but think about it. What do you really need? Do you want your next device to provide you with the ultimate entertainment experience? Perhaps you need it to be a work horse and do not especially care about the entertainment value. Either way separating your needs will greatly enhance your ability to find the phone that is right for you. Maybe you want the best of both worlds, there are certainly plenty of options for the hybrid type user.

Question two, What does it have to do well for me? Now that you know what you want in your smartphone, you can now focus which feature it needs to do exceptionally well. If you answered the first question with, ” I want the best of both worlds.” I would still encourage you to pick a quality/feature that you can use to filter through the wide variety of devices. For instance, you may want to concentrate on price or battery life.  If you answered the first question specifically then now is the time to focus on which device can to that the best for your.

Question three. While researching should be done before any smartphone purchase, it is here that it becomes even more important. Reviews, Google searches and peer impressions are key here – remember do not get caught up in brand bias. You may not want to visit sites that are brand specific. Remember to stay on point and focus your research on that feature/quality that the smartphone must have. Say you really want your device to do email well – focus your research on the devices typing experience.

I hope that these few tips will help you with your next smartphone purchase. There are many devices to choose from, choosing your next smartphone does not have to be a terrible experience. With a few questions and a little research, purchasing your next smartphone wont be so bad.

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