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Every year Apple attempts to surprise the tech world with new announcements for its iOS and OS X operating systems. This year also saw a bevy of new software and features that will be powering your Apple device of choice.

This year both iOS and OS X have received updates for their respective platforms, and both are well worth the upgrade.

Firstly iOS – Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Specific OS, has received a bevy of tweaks and fixes that is sure to keep you happy, below I will post a brief description of each new software feature.

Proactive: This Siri-centric feature will bring a return to the left swipe on iOS devices and bring you a new screen with recent contacts, applications, and will allow deeper integration with your phone, learning your likes and dislikes according to your location and it will allow to use an application or trigger a specific song by plugging in your headphones. Siri will also have context awareness within apps, such as reminding you about the topic of a txt message if you want to be reminded about it later, without having to be extremely specific about it. Another cool feature of Proactive, is the ability to screen unknown callers and suggest who they might be by scanning emails, contact lists and other items for a similar number.

News: A new news reader app, that replaces Newsstand and will be tailored to each user’s likes and dislikes. The new reader application will also use Apple’s new typography format to create beautiful news stories.

Transit/ Maps: Apple Maps will now bring you routes through Public Transportation, including where you should go in order to get to destination as a fast a possible based on where you enter from.

Notes: Notes also received a surprising update allowing you to insert web links in a brand new format, control the font and even draw on the note in question.

QuickType: Apple’s keyboard also received a refined placement for the copy, cut, paste buttons and a new way to control the cursor by holding down two buttons on the keyboard and gesturing where you want the cursor to be placed.

Multitasking for iPad: A welcomed surprise at the conference was the unveiling of a new way to Multitask on iPad. Split View, which allows the user to slide a finger to the let will bring up a new applications that will allow you re-size the app to your heart’s content but will be iPad Air 2 specific due to the amount of RAM the device has. Slide Over, allows you to interact with a second app, but no to fully utilize two applications at once. Picture in Picture, will allow users to Facetime and Watch videos, all without leaving the application they are in.

Apple Music: Apple’s new streaming service; will be available June 30th with the release of iOS 8.4 and it will $9.99 a month and $14.99 a month for a family pack.

Device Support: iOS 9 will support “all” iOS 8 devices (iPhone 4s and iPad 2 and newer) and will be released later this year.

Those who want to watch the keynote can watch it here. Want to try the iOS 9 public beta later next month? Enroll here. Are you excited for the news for iOS out of WWDC?

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