WWDC 2015: OS X And WatchOS 2


Apple recently announced changes to some of its core OSes OS X for its Macintosh devices and for wearables Watch OS 2. Take a look at some of notable enhancements Apple announced during its annual developers conference.

OS X El Capitan

New Name: El Capitan. Named after a vertical rock formation within the Yosemite National Park. Which is to emphasize the nature of OS X 10.11, as an enhancement to the experience found within in Yosemite.

Improved Performance: Apple has brought its “Metal” API to OS X allowing for improved graphics performance and quicker access to tasks you normally do, like opening PDF’s or documents.

Mouse Cursor: Kind of a funny add-on. By shaking the mouse or touchpad quickly, users can quickly locate the mouse icon on-screen.

Split View: Allow’s users to work on two apps at the same time.

Mission Control: A refined look for mission control makes adding windows to other desktops very simple and centered to make finding them even easier. And when you up swipe you can organize the applications in a non stacked mode, making organization much easier.

Spotlight: A new, upgraded spotlight is movable – shows stocks, scores to games, and transit information. A natural language upgrade makes looking for files even easier than ever before.

Notes: Has received the same overhaul as on iOS 9. Including the ability to create checklists and the ability to save content from other applications. A new attachments browser also groups your content accordingly.

Although the upgrade list is small, they are designed to have a big impact on the way that people use their Mac’s on a daily basis.

Watch OS 2

Native Applications: Applications built for the Apple Watch will now run native on the device, allowing for a faster and more fluid ease of use and will allow for the creation of a bevy of new features and refinements.

Time-Lapse watch face: Allows for the viewing of Several Major Cities (London, Mack Lake, Shanghai, New York, Hong Kong) all over the world and what it looks like according to your own time.

Complications: Allows for more information be displayed on the watchface.

Night Stand Mode: Turns your watch into a digital alarm clock, with the home button and Digital Crown acting as snooze and alarm shut off button respectively.

Email: You can now reply to email from the Apple Watch.

Time Travel: You can move the digital crown to see what the rest of your day and even week will be like in advance with the ability to view weather and events before they happen.

Siri Enhancements: You can use Siri to now check for transit information among other new features.

Activation Lock: Allows users to keep their Apple Watch from being used in case of it being stolen by being locked to your Apple ID.

If you want to re-watch the keynote can find it here. Those of you who want to participate in the Public Beta, for iOS 9 or OSX can go to public beta website and sign up here.

Are you excited for the enhancements to OSX? Hate the name? Sound off in the comments below.

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